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Paper terminology dictionary, Paper bag, printing, and custom bag terminology 70 years as wisconsin's premier paper bag manufacturer glossary of paper and printing terminology expand all.
Paper terminology dictionary, Paper bag, printing, and custom bag terminology 70 years as wisconsin's premier paper bag manufacturer glossary of paper and printing terminology expand all.

To impart a smooth finish on paper by passing the web of paper between polished metal rolls to increase gloss and smoothness. Paper glossary : absorbency the extent to which wet ink is absorbed into the paper basic size the customary sheet size used to establish the basis weight of a ream. Paper products glossary base paper (body stock): the base stock for plain or decorated coated papers and boards it may be uncoated or pre-coated on the paper machine. A term used to describe paper grades (such as bond, writing and xerographic) used by printers and publishers in production of books, magazines, newspapers.

Acidic backboard: rear board upon which paper art is mounted, made of wood, wood pulp or other acidic materials which will seriously damage art paper. Printing terms this glossary of printing terms was created by people working in today's printing industry a finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order. The following glossary contains more than 500 definitions of terms about journalism a large sheet of paper on a board placed where newspapers or magazines. Glossary of printing terms glossy print – photography term for black-and-white print made on glossy paper grade – general term used to distinguish between.

Glossary of papermaking terms compiled for penicuik historical society: papermaking tercentenary project 2009 2 word / term definition a acid free paper free from any. Definitions of paper industry jargon, printing paper terms, and more use the graphic communications paper glossary of terms to understand paper definitions like an. Printing dictionary a finishing term for gathering paper in a precise order color bar: a quality control term regarding the spots of ink color on the tail of a. Glossary of writing terminology presentation copy—the version of a paper shared publicly or submitted for the american heritage dictionary of the english.

264 s 23rd street philadelphia, pennsylvania 19103 2155450613 2157359313 ccahaorg paper conservation terminology. A handy glossary of paper terms acid-free paper: paper manufactured in a neutral or slightly alkaline ph environment, usually buffered with calcium carbonate, to. The property of a material that causes it to take up a liquid with which it is in contact several measures of absorbency are: (a) the time required for the material. No essay writing resource would be complete without a comprehensive glossary of terms the list is constantly checking and updating. Your ultimate pulp and paper dictionary on the web.

Acid-free acid-free papers are manufactured in an alkaline environment, which prevents the internal chemical deterioration of the paper over time. Glossary of manuscript terms jump to: navigation, search for related articles a large sheet of paper folded in half and resulting in a four-page booklet. A glossary of printing and graphics terms from printing industry exchange, llc. Glossary of key terms this glossary provides definitions of many of the terms used in the guides to conducting qualitative and quantitative research.

  • An english online glossary of design, prepress, graphic arts and printing related terms.
  • This is a term that refers to a paper that a printer keeps on hand in their shop image area: that portion of a printing plate that carries ink and prints on paper.
  • Define term paper: a major written assignment in a school or college course representative of a student's achievement — term paper in a sentence.

This craft glossary will help you understand the tools and terms you’ll find in our vintage image craft instructions, a to z. Pulp and paper glossary: air-dried pulp, alpha pulp, acidic sizing, azure laid paper, alkaline pulping, art paper, acidfree paper, anti rust paper. Paper glossary a –b–c–d–e–f off standard paper also the term used for side rolls or sheet left after cutting standard size/order off-machine coating. Glossary of technical terms and definitions in the papermaking and paper products industry. Glossary of paper terminology a acid free (neutral ph): papers that are without acid in the pulp acid free papers have a ph of 70 if prepared properly, papers.

Paper terminology dictionary
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